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Body by vi reviews

Reviews of The Body by vi 90 day challenge people post reviews of body by vi all over the place, here are just a couple of the reviews.

Body by vi reviews


Read what customers Had to say about the Body by vi and the 90 day challenge

So today is day 10 of my challenge i have not had a soda in 5 days I did have a headache for a couple of days  it went away I am sure it was caffeine withdrawal ‘m trying to start a new morning routine instead of coffee or soda in the morning. I’m drinking water with the Nuro that came in my kit, along with a couple of shakes a day, I have already lost some weight and I feel better, I think I will like this body by vi challenge.



Body by vi reviewsMayra-My Transformation 37lbs later and I’m still going strong, my goals and dreams are living a better healthier life & and I’m going to make it happen daily. Check this out the very first photo was taken way back in March of 2013. The Body by vi challenge has changed my life the next photo was taken 7 months later after two challenges I’m so happy with the results.







Here is Ashley Baker as of last night she is down more than 44 Lbs. after two 90 day challenges, she is a real go getter, congratulations Ashley way to go.body by vi reviews










More Body by vi reviews These shakes are a simple way to lose weight and get fit over the next 90 days.

Body by vi reviews

Body by vi


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