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Body by vi testimonials

Body by vi really works here are just a few of the many customer testimonials and results that get posted every single day all over the Internet.

Body by vi testimonials

Allison Watching the scale numbers drop every time I step on the scale! Thank you ViSalus shakes and Vi-crunch! I am below 159!!! New goal is to weight between 145 -150! Almost there!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!


Ezra This company is amazing, where have you been my  whole life ~ Just signed up another person to the Challenge, welcome brand new challenge taker and promoter ~ John N.


Margie I am so Happy, Happy, Happy (in my Duck Dynasty voice) Its 3 weeks into the challenge and I am down 20 lbs. Vi is truly great this is without even working out. i feel the change in my body and I am striving to accomplish more by the end of this 90 days Thanks VI for coming out with such great product. I am so thankful to my inspiration I owe you one Melissa R.



Natasha I lost some on the last go around with body by vi and now I want to complete my loss and loose about 25lbs I can do this.


Tywanca I have been struggling with my weight for years and I am sick and tired of diets that just don’t work. My sister lost a lot of weight with the Vi challenge. She told me how easy it was and I was amazed at her results. I am ready for the challenge.


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