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Body By Vi 90-Day Challege

Body by vi is the #1 weight loss and fitness Challenge in the world rewarding Millions, and offers a 90 day results guarantee.

Are you ready to join the Body by vi 90 day challenge? This is the number one weight loss and fitness plan in the world rewarding nearly $50 million in earned products, prizes and dream vacations in 2012. and $100 million in 2013  If you are already familiar with the body by vi 90 day challenge and are ready to join you can do that here on this page.

There are only a few steps to join the challenge   Set a weight loss or fitness goal. Almost everyone has a certain goal in mind when joining the challenge, we want you to write it down and then go public with in on social media. This will help you stick to it! And automatically help you create a support group of friends. After you join you will have access to our private community where you can also get support, share recipes and find inspiration from others.

Pick one of the challenge kits There are five challenge kits to choose from, pick the kit that will help you achieve your goals and fits within your budget, remember you can always earn free challenge kits when your refer others to the challenge.

Enter to win the challenge Now this is the exciting part you can track your progress of the challenge and enter to win cash and prizes for meeting your weight loss and fitness goals, the first opportunity to win something is after you lose your first 10 pounds!  Via project 10 just drop 10 pounds you will get a free I lost it 10 shirt and be entered to win $1000 in our weekly drawing.. 10 people win this every week! You could go onto win the one of the Fitness categories and be crowned one of the body by vi champions, this title is worth about $25,000 in cash and prizes  and we pick a bunch of winners 3 times a year for this.   Since establishing Visalus in 2005, the organization has helped millions of people reach their weight loss and fitness goals, if this didn’t work they would already be out of business ViSalus offers a wonderful and enduring Life experience for people around the world via the Body by Vi Challenge through amazing vacations, individual growth opportunities, and life-long friendships formed at events, parties, and houses each and every day.

The Body by Vi- 90 Day Challenge is the worlds #1weight loss and fitness Challenge rewarding Nearly $1 Million per week in Earned products, Vacations and products!

Body by vi